16 Best Family Cars

The family car isn’t what it once was, much as the modern family has changed. Now in all shapes, sizes and compositions, this has been reflected by the diversity of the family car market. While this is a good thing overall, it does make narrowing down the field tougher, so Kelley Blue Book stepped up to the challenge in creating a list of the Best Family Cars of 2016, and there’s no surprise that the 2016 Toyota Sienna made the cut.

What makes a family car the best of the best? KBB looked at safety, convenience and comfort to narrow the field down from more than 250 models that make the ‘family car’ claim. Each contender was driven for two weeks, with chairs folded down, car seats installed and removed, cargo loaded and phones paired. All this to put each vehicle through the wringer and prove that it can really do what it says – live up to the busy life of a family.

The result of all this testing is a comprehensive list of the 16 Best Family Cars. This may seem like a big number, but when divided into subsets they make for a much more manageable list.

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