2015 Toyota Yaris WRC

18 years after Toyota discontinued its participation in the World Rally Championship (WRC), it’s looking to make a comeback with the Yaris. The supped up subcompact is currently under development with the guidance of the Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), based in Cologne. This is the group responsible for securing each marque’s titles in the highest form of rally racing.

The last time Toyota was shooting for the stage at the World Rally Championship was in 1999 with the Corolla WRC. After 25 years of rally competition, continuous if we’re excluding a one-year ban for illegal turbo restrictors in 1995, the company took an 18 year sabbatical and fans are eager to see how the Yaris WRC stacks up.

To get one of the most popular subcompacts on the market geared up for rally conditions, there’s a major overhaul underway. With a shorter wheelbase for crisp turns, bigger wheels and tires for grip, and a killer body made up of composite panels, heat vents in the hood and a rear spoiler on the hatch.

The inside is all business, with steel bars to protect passengers in a rollover and racing harnesses strapping drivers into fixed bucket racing seats. Digital readouts give drivers all of the data they need, buttons and switches occupy all available dash space, and a fire extinguisher sits ready.

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