2016 Yaris Sedan Review – Fun and Feisty

The Toyota Yaris has long been a car recommended for its cheap, reliable nature and forgettable characteristics. Typically not “car enthusiasts”, these are buyers who think a car is a car, and historically, the Yaris was a great car.

Enter the 2016 Yaris Sedan. The dramatic shift in the pedigree of the Yaris is surprising mostly because the only thing it shares with its predecessors is the Toyota mark – in truth, it’s not a Toyota at all, it’s a Mazda. This isn’t the first time that Toyota has partnered with another manufacturer, which allows them to reduce production costs on vehicles with a lower profit margin.

In terms of aesthetics, the car is lovely from the side if a bit awkward head on. The interior is a simpler version of the Mazda3, and definitely more premium than expected. A 7 inch touchscreen and circular interior theme with soft-touch materials, A/C, push button start and Bluetooth connectivity round out the feature list on the base model.

It may not be the most powerful car on the road, but the 2016 Yaris Sedan handles well, gives a solid yet supple ride and delivers excellent fuel economy. Overall it’s fun, functional and gives drivers just a little bit more than expected.

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