4Runner Awards and Accolades

Toyota has long been recognized for its superior build, reliability, and value. The 2016 Toyota 4Runner is no exception, and has been awarded by several well-respected players in the car industry. Kelley Blue Book has awarded it Best Resale Value for a Midsize SUV/Crossover, as well as put it in the Top 10 for Best Resale Value. The 4Runner has also taken home several IntelliChoice Awards, for Smart Choice in Retained Value and Maintenance Costs, as well as for Excellent Value.

On top of these renowned car buyer resources, Toyota was named the Most Trusted Brand in Imports by Readers Digest, and has been celebrated for having Longest-Lasting Vehicles of any full-line automotive manufacturer by IHS Automotive. The industry has also recognized the Japanese automaker for having the first no cost maintenance plan, as well as for being the most fuel-efficient full-line automotive manufacturer.

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