4Runner Ranked Top Longest Lasting SUV

The Toyota 4Runner has been ranked #3 on the Forbes Top 10 List of Longest-Lasting Used Trucks and SUVs. Given the relatively low fuel prices and changing consumer tastes, the sale of SUVs and trucks has quickly been gaining speed. According to Automotive News, sales of new models jumped 13% last year, while sales of passenger cars dropped by 2.3%.

By the same token, the demand for used SUVs and pickup trucks has also increased. Those who want the rugged capability of a bigger vehicle without the sticker price are looking towards the pre-owned market, however as usual buyer beware: a used vehicle could be a headache, especially if the intention is to use it as a workhorse over a long period of time.

In order to help prospective buyers make an educated decision, iSeeCars.com has analyzed a sample of more than 12 million trucks and SUVs from 1981 to now. They’re looking at the data to see which vehicles have stood up to the most number of miles, and put out a top 10 list of longest lasting vehicles.

See the complete list here: forbes.com