5 Reasons You should Buy a Minivan

The minivan has gotten a bad rep over the years as being strictly a family vehicle, but the truth is it’s secretly the best utility vehicle that money can buy. After a week with the Toyota Sienna, five key reasons to purchase a minivan (especially a Sienna) became apparent.

The V6 engine is incredibly fast – deceptively so at times. It’s one of those vehicles you find yourself inadvertently travelling faster than the posted limit and have to pay close attention to the odometer to slow it down. Acceleration is easy, and transitions smooth.

Minivans are also the ideal people movers, with more comfortable seating than 3-row SUVs and plenty of room for gear. There’s storage for road trips, strollers, science projects, and room to move friends, sports equipment, and anything else that needs to get from A to B. While a truck may seem like the perfect choice for hauling, there’s very little that a truck can move that a minivan can’t handle. The space and security of a minivan means that rain won’t ruin your bed moving in the middle of a storm.

An added bonus? In a minivan you’re practically anonymous. If law enforcement has a choice between pulling over a muscle car for speeding or a minivan, the Sienna isn’t getting that ticket.

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