All New 2016 Prius Consumer Reports

The Toyota Prius has undoubtable changed the way people think about green cars and the environmental impact of their driving habits. Boasting the carbon footprint of a compact car and the space of a midsized, best-in-class fuel economy, and incredible versatility, the Prius is the answer many consumers were looking for.

Consumer Reports was invited to try the 2016 model in California (travel was on their own dime). Redesigned in 2016, you definitely don’t need to be a green go-getter to drive the Prius. Economical in a way that can’t be argued, nearly doubling the mileage of a traditional gas-only car, the Prius has low repair costs and low depreciation; this is a car that holds its value.

With more dynamic style, a sportier zip and a comfortable, steady ride, the Prius has a new gas engine that’s considerable quieter in the cabin, and the speed changes are on a continuum instead of with fixed gears. The interior wasn’t ignored either, with soft-touch surfaces, a colourful digital display panel and user-friendly controls. Energy efficient, economical to run, and better for the environment, the 2016 Toyota Prius feels more fun to drive than previous models to boot.

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