How to Set Up a Perfect Campsite That Feels Like Home


This is a guest post by professional wildlife photographer and filmmaker Chris McKillican.

Living in British Columbia and driving a Toyota Tacoma probably means there will be camping involved at some point in the future. The two seem to go hand in hand like the Tacoma and the Four Wheel Camper.


Chris McKillican has the best office in town

Chris McKillican has the best office in town

This combination can be seen in my recent “Keep it Wild” series with Toyota BC episodes.

As a wildlife photographer and filmmaker, I spend countless days in the field for weeks at a time living in my camper. People are always curious and often ask why this set up works so well, and so below I have highlighted some of the benefits of this combination.

The 3 Adventure Essentials

First of all, the Toyota Tacoma is hands down the best platform for adventure. When I search for the perfect vehicle, it must meet my three essential requirements:

1. Reliability – I am often in remote areas with no service, and so breakdowns are not an option.

2. Size – I can often be found navigating unknown areas that are tight and narrow which makes it difficult for any other vehicle to get into.

3. Off road capability – It is very common to run into unexpected obstacles but being forced to turn around is no fun for anyone!

Combine the above with the lightweight, go anywhere Four Wheel Camper, and you have a serious adventure vehicle on your hands!


Chris' Toyota Tacoma

Chris’ Toyota Tacoma


The Four Wheel Camper

The Four Wheel Camper provides long-term comfort. Its lightweight and compact size also works perfectly with the Tacoma for navigating tight trails and steep logging roads.

There are other options available for camping with your truck, such as the popular roof top tents and just plain old sleeping in the back of the truck box. These are both great options. But, for me, having a solar power fridge and a clean place to organize my gear each day is greatly appreciated (and needed). The Toyota and camper are much more of an office on wheels – and heck with a view like this, who needs anything else.


Inside Chris McKillican's camping setup

Inside Chris McKillican’s camping setup


What’s your dream camping set-up? Connect with me on the Toyota BC Facebook page. I would be happy to help out in anyway that I can.

Please remember to recreate responsibly and stay on marked roads and trails. Of course, don’t forget to Keep it Wild!


Make and Model
Truck: 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road
Camper: 2007 Four Wheel Camper Eagle model


Image - CM-thumbnail   Chris McKillican is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker passionate about wildlife, people and the outdoors. Follow Chris’ adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.