7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Truck


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This is a guest blog post by professional snowmobiler Julie-Ann Chapman

There really is something to be said about a truck that ticks all the boxes. Having everything you need at hand for either work or play is amazing. Not only does my Tundra fit everything and anything, but it’s the most comfortable, durable, powerful and reliable vehicle I have ever owned.  The cushy feel when driving on bumpy logging roads, the reliability on those long highway hauls, the spacious interior to fit the family’s “clean toys” and the pick-up exterior to fit all of my “dirty toys” – my Tundra is rad!

Image - 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Truck

Soaking up the view on the ferry 

Here are the ways I use my Tundra for work and play:  

1. Hauling my Sleds – I own and operate a snowmobile adventure company called She Shreds Mountain Adventures. Sometimes, I need to be able to haul/tow up to 5 sleds! My Tundra is easy to maneuver and handles the job with no problem. During the Winter, I spend a lot of time doing long road trips across North America to teach snowmobile clinics. It never crosses my mind that I won’t get to my destination safely when I’m driving my Tundra. The truck handles like a beaut in the snow and ice, which is exactly what I need.

2. Towing my Rock Crawler – I have a rock crawler named Sammy that I use for extra rugged mountain exploration in the Summer. Although it is a Suzuki Samurai body, all of the “guts” inside are Toyota parts and my Tundra hauls Sammy to the unloading spots with no issues!

3. Hauling my Horses – In the Summer, I love to explore the mountains by horseback. I need to drive both of my horses, all of our food (and the horses’ food!), our camping and riding gear, and more. I have no problem fitting everything in my Tundra for the perfect Summer escape. 

Image - 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Truck

My Tundra has great ‘horse-power’!

4. My Dogs– My dogs love riding in the truck! There are lots of windows for them to stick their heads out of. The best part is I can lift the back seats up in the Tundra so they don’t get covered in dog hair. 

5. Doing Farm Chores– I need to stock up on lots of hay for my horses in the Winter. I can fit about 40 square bails in that pickup! It saves me from having to take many trips back-and-forth. 

6. Canoe Trips – Getting out on the rivers in the Summer is another great way to explore the outdoors. The Tundra carries that canoe no problem! 

7. My Mountain Bikes– Last but definitely not least, mountain biking is a favourite for me in the warmer months. The Tundra is a great shuttle vehicle for those short backyard laps or for those long road trips to hard-to-reach bike trails across British Columbia. 

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Whether Winter or Summer, snow or sun, my Tundra helps fuel my adventures and is always up to the challenge! 


Julie-Ann Chapman Photo Julie-Ann Chapman is a professional snowmobiler from Pemberton, BC. She empowers females by coaching and is an advocate for backcountry safety. You can connect with Julie-Ann on Facebook and Instagram and www.sheshreds.ca.