Chronicle Herald 2016 Corolla S Review

Why buy a Toyota Corolla? It’s reliable, sensible, and holds its resale value, but that’s not all. The reason why people are buying Corollas is evolving – this is the first generation where people are buying it because of how it looks and drives. Sleek and sporty, it’s been designed with an interior verging on upscale, with a level of sophistication new to this segment of the market.

While price, features and specs are pretty standard between the Toyota Corolla and its competition, it has a few elements that help it stand out from the crowd. Now in its 12th generation, the Corolla’s dash sites high in the cabin, giving the feeling of more space. With plenty of head, hip and legroom to go around, four adults can quite comfortable occupy the car, and the trunk has more capacity than one would believe given the compact nature of the car.

Comfortable and nimble, the fine-tuned suspension handles rough roads easily for a ride that’s both smooth and agile. The body of the car feels solid, the fuel efficiency is top notch, and with LED headlights that come incredibly close to crossing into premium territory, Corolla drivers can travel with confidence in a car that definitely hits the mark.

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