Corolla goes 603,500 miles in 5 years

Scott Ose, of St. Marys, and his Toyota Corolla give the term “commuter car” a whole new meaning. The aircraft certification inspector at Gulfstream Aerospace has been commuting roughly 230 miles each work day, back and forth to Savannah. While he still has a year of payments left to make on the car, he’s racked up more than 603,500 miles in five years on his commute.

Purchased while he was living in Jacksonville, Ose needed a cheap and efficient car for his daily commute. While his commute is definitely longer than what most of us would deem ideal, Ose does it because his daughter Zoe, who has cystic fibrosis, needed to be near a care center at Nemours Children’s Clinic in San Marco. Despite having moved to St. Marys a year ago to be 45 minutes closer to work, his commute still starts in the wee hours of the morning.

With more than half a million miles, Ose’s Corolla has needed very little work – after some rear axle work, a lot of tires and maintenance, it doesn’t burn any oil and the inside is still pristine, despite some outward scrapes from heavy highway driving. With goals of breaking a million miles, he says he’ll probably hang on to the car or pass it on to his children.

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