Driving.ca Reviews the Prius v

A decade and a half ago, I drove the Toyota Prius on its introduction into Canada. It was so offbeat that my editor divvied it up between all the auto writers, each adding comments to the story. I was impressed by the hybrid technology, but the vague steering wandered all over the road at highway speeds. And no matter where I parked, it drew a crowd.

How it’s changed since then. Hybrids have become such mainstream vehicles that they slip unnoticed through traffic, and they’ve progressed enough that buyers can compare them not just against other gasoline-electrics, but to conventional vehicles as well.

From that single Prius model, Toyota added three more for 2012: a plug-in, the compact Prius C and the Prius V wagon. The Prius and the plug-in, now called Prime, are all-new for 2017, while my tester carries over virtually unchanged from 2016.

The Prius V starts at $28,875 and can be optioned with a Luxury Package, or further upgraded with a Technology Package, as mine was, for $34,860. The “tech” in the name includes adaptive cruise control that maintains a pre-set distance from the car in front, lane departure warning, a pre-collision system that can apply the brakes if you don’t, and automatic high-beam headlights.

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