Hybrid Highway: A Sustainable Catch

Renowned Vancouver chef Ned Bell hasn’t been this excited about a car since he owned a 1974 VW Beetle at the age of 16. His new 2015 Toyota Prius V, a vehicle that embodies Bell’s sustainability commitment, brought a special twinkle to his eye.

After having relied on a Toyota RAV4 for the last 8 years, the busy father of two loved it because it fit his family’s busy, active lifestyle. Expecting his third son, he figured the timing was right to trade it in for the station wagon-like Prius V. His fully loaded hybrid has leather seats, a double sunroof, and is a smooth, comfortable ride, though he’s still not quite used to how quiet it is.

With plenty of cargo space Bell can get his bike in the back and shuffle farmer’s and fisherman’s market goods back and forth to the restaurant, all with a lower carbon footprint. He loves being in a vehicle that reduces the environmental impact on our oceans, even if it’s a small difference. It’s the baby steps that start the change, and the health of our oceans is directly correlated with the use of fossil fuels.

His five year old agrees with the environmental message that’s being sent to the younger generation about energy consumption, and thinks the new hybrid in the driveway is pretty awesome.

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