Hybrid Myth Busters

Even today, many people still seem to have strange, outdated ideas about Hybrid cars and how they work. In many cases they are quieter, last longer and perform better than conventional gas-only cars! Here are some common myths:

Aren’t Hybrids kind of expensive?

With the introduction of the new Prius c, almost anyone can afford to buy or lease a high-quality, true hybrid vehicle. The sporty Prius c is the ideal city car, and starts at just $24,105. Further, the hybrid benchmark for the entire industry, Prius, now costs less Image - Hybrid Myth Bustersthan it did 6 years ago, starting at just $29,030! New pricing combined with huge fuel savings makes them very environomic.

Okay, so they are well priced. But what about maintenance?

True hybrids, like Prius, have no belts, alternators or starters to replace, and the special regenerative brakes have longer pad and rotor lives. And their maintenance schedule is nearly identical to that of a conventional vehicle. Further, their batteries do not need to be replaced after just a few years! Toyota hybrid batteries usually last the life of the car, and come with a 160,000K warranty. So as you can see, owning a hybrid is cost-effective in many ways.

Do they really make a difference to the environment?

Yes, yes, yes. Toyota Hybrids use less fossil fuel, and they also produce significantly less of the emissions that cause green house gas (in fact, Prius generates just one third of the smog-forming emissions of those from a midsize passenger car). So you will be saving the environment while you are saving money.

What about performance, don’t they lack power?

Again, this is simply lingering hear-say that won’t go away. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology produces head-snapping acceleration, legendary Toyota dependability and a smooth, luxury car performance. These high-tech wonders switch seamlessly between electric and gas power, and they often have better acceleration then gas vehicles with larger displacement engines! If you still have doubts, you need to test drive one for yourself.

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