Million Mile Tundra

Since buying his new Toyota Tundra in 2007, Victor Sheppard has put a lot of miles on it – a million miles to be precise. For the past decade, Sheppard has averaged about 125,000 miles, or 201,000 km, per year driving between his Louisiana home to Virginia, North Dakota and Wyoming for work. With more than one million miles on it, Sheppard says that it still looks great, and other than a few minor dents is almost like new. Even the seats, if a bit dirty aren’t worn out or broken.

Sheppard’s Tundra still has its original transmission, engine and paint, though it has been serviced at the dealership 117 times. He had intended on keeping his truck, but Toyota had other plans for it. A million-mile truck in perfect condition and working order is something of a rarity, so engineers plan on studying it and using the insight in future product planning.

Toyota traded Sheppard, giving him a brand new 2016 Toyota Tundra in exchange for his million-mile ride. They plan on tearing the entire truck apart to see how the safety, quality and engineering of his Tundra held up to an incredible number of miles.

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