Test Drive: 2017 Toyota Avalon Limited

The 2017 Toyota Avalon has forward emergency braking, as just one part of a standard array of outward-looking hazard detection technologies that make it easier for drivers to stay aware of the goings-on in their motoring world. It can use radar to monitor blind spots, alert drivers of an approaching car as they back into a laneway, or to maintain a safe following distance under cruise control; its cameras make sure you’re not accidentally leaving your lane. The list goes on.

And this is all standard stuff, once reserved for six-figure luxury flagships, and included here as standard in the $44,540 loaded-to-the-eyeballs tester. This advanced radar-powered “safety for all” ideology is Toyota’s latest mission: these features are rolling out hard and fast as standard in everything Toyota sells – but they’re far from mind in the Avalon’s driving experience, much of the time.

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