Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Toyota recently started producing the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan in Japan last December. With a modest 200 orders at that time, demand has since skyrocketed and more than 1,500 people are now in line for the innovative vehicle. And, for the first time, Toyota is allowing viewers a sneak peek into the production process of this potentially revolutionary car.

With the Mirai, Toyota is putting quality and precision at the forefront of production. Building just three sedans a day with a dedicated team, only 13 people work to assemble the Mirai, and the most that can be completed in a day is 10.

There are more parallels to a boutique sports car than Toyota’s typical high-volume production. Using the former line of the Lexus LFA, the facilities being used are relatively simple – instead Toyota is relying on the skill of their employees, in a turn back to how the iconic automaker got its start.

With images and videos detailing the production steps in the building of a Mirai, Toyota is offering a unique look at the stages the car moves through, including the complex installation of the fuel cell stack.

See the videos and pictures here: