Toyota RAV4 AWD Limited Review

Part of the first wave of crossovers from the ‘90s, the RAV4 has been one of Toyota’s bestselling models, and is currently one of the most popular crossovers in Canada. Competition is stiff and more automakers are entering the space every year, so what sets the RAV4 apart?

While the 2016 model saw an exterior change that ties into Toyota’s latest design shift, the 2016 RAV4 has a more angular shape meant to appeal to Millennials. Once inside, it’s clear that Toyota followed the right path, with upscale interior detailing, modern appeal and more storage space. The onboard navigation and entertainment panel is easy to use, buttons on the dash are intuitive and easy to find, and both front and back seats are comfortable on long rides. To top it off the seating position keeps the driver pleasantly upright for visibility.

The Toyota RAV 4 seems to do it all well.

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