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Real stories, from real Toyota owners. Get the straight goods on Toyota trucks, cars, vans, SUVs and hybrids from owners all over BC, using them for work and play.

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With a growing family, safety is extremely important to Dave and Laura. Find out what they have to say about their Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and all the reasons why it’s a good fit for their family.

From styling to safety features, Kobus couldn’t be happier with his Toyota Corolla. See what he has to say about his experience.


Avalanche Canada trusts the Toyota Tundra in all types of terrain. And with it’s smooth drive and heated seats, it’s comfortable to drive too. See what else they have to say about the Tundra.


 Toyota’s great service doesn’t end after the sale. See what Conn has to say about his experience with Toyota Parts & Service. 

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Novex Delivery Solutions is the first carbon neutral courier in Canada with their fleet of 40 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles. Hear what President John Coupar has to say about hybrid benefits and why Novex chose Toyota below.